BBQ CLASS with Matt Barber (Hot Wachula’s) – 9.8.2019








Dear all, we proudly present one of the world’s best BBQ pitmasters – Matt Barber (Hot Wachula’s)… ouyeeeah!! 🙂

Matt Barber is from Florida, USA and he is a holder of 6x GC and 6x RGC in 2018 and 31 GC and 33 RGC since 2013; In the year 2001 he established his company HOT WACHULA’S GOURMET SAUCE COMPANY, which is known for one of the best salsas, jerk marinades, bloody mary mix, BBQ and hot sauces).

BBQ Class will start on Friday, 9th August 2019 at 9 AM and it will be about 8 hours long. On BBQ Class Matt Barber will show you:
Selection – Learn what to look for when purchasing chicken, pork ribs, Boston Butt, Brisket.
Learn how to trim for uniform size and shape.
Flavor Profiles: Sauces and Rubs that he uses in competition.
Cooking/tenderness: What temperatures work best for different types cuts of meat.
Presentation: How to build a KCBS box. From Garnish to meat placement.
Sample tastings.

Right after the class, you can take the KCBS Judging Class to become Certified KCBS Judge and have a possibility to judge on all KCBS contest around the Globe. The first chance for you to judge will be 2 days after the Class on 2nd Edition of Slovenian KCBS contest WILD WEST FEST ON FIRE (Lake Zbilje, Medvode, Slovenia).

If you love BBQ, then you don’t want to miss BBQ Class with Matt Barber. 😉

The price of the BBQ Class is 175 EUR; please register below, but be aware, there is limited number of available spots.

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