KCBS Cooking class 2017

KCBS tečaj priprave ameriškega BBQja!

You want to learn how to prepare real american BBQ? You want to learn it from one of the worlds best BBQ pitmaster? You don’t want to miss this opportunity. On 13th & 14th May 2017 you will have a chance to take a intense 2-day cooking class presented by one and only Jim Johnson. The KCBS Cooking intensive 2- day class will take place at Restaurant Gerbec.

Jim Johnson is a KCBS master barbecue teacher, and highly decorated barbecue pitmaster, having won 76 Grand Championships during his 28-year competition career. Jim has finished first in every category at four Memphis in in May contests on four occasions, and has finished in the top ten nine times. Jim has also been crowned the Whole Hog World Champion at the prestigious Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational.

(All pictures are copyrighted by www.jimjohnsonbbq.com)

Jim is a regular on TV and radio, and has acted as an ambassador for Kraft Foods, Big Green Egg and a range of other products. Most recently, Jim was featured in SBS Australia’s Food Safari Fire with Maeve O’Meara.

Jim regularly teaches students across North America and Europe on a variety of barbecue topics ranging from the basics and barbecue essentials, to the tips and tricks of cooking competition-grade barbecue. Jim and his wife Becky are part of the KCBS International Outreach team.

In Jim’s classes you can learn the barbecue basics, starting with selecting barbecue equipment that’s right for what you want to achieve. If you already know your way around a smoker and are looking for some tips to help you in your next competition, Jim can share with you some of the “secrets” that earned him 76 grand-championships over a 28-year competition career.


Start -Saturday 13th May 2017:

10:00 – Cooks and Judge Students take class together

13:00 – First part of a class ends

13:30 – Free Lunch

18:00-19:00 – Free Dinner

19:00-23:00 – Working on site with teams (Cooks will be divided into teams and will prepare and cook meats (overnight) for CBJ Class/Mock Contest)

Sunday 14th May 2017:

8:00 – International Instructors arrive and work with cooks on site

10:00 – Second Half of KCBS CBJ Class Begins

11:00 – Turn in of cooking class meats for Certified BBQ Judge class

15:00 – Class ends – awards ceremony

You can apply to our KCBS 2-day cooking class with Jim Johnson here.

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