Wild West Fest On Fire 2021

KCBS BBQ Teams for WWF 2021:



KCBS BBQ Judges for WWF 2021:



Dear all,

The 2020 WILD WEST FEST ON FIRE was planned to be the most perfect event and a definite last step to the top of the Slovenian and European festivals. Work has started immediately after the 2019 festival ended so everything could be ready and completed in advance.

With the pandemic outbreak and lockdown, cancellation of all big events in this season and general uncertain conditions we set 15th of July as a decision bringing deadline. With current conditions and all facts accounted we were forced to realize that we can not make it happen so with the understanding and agreement between all partners, sponsors and members we accepted the decision to postpone the festival to 2021.

We thank you for understanding and greet all dancers, all Slovenian and BBQ teams from across the world, KCBS representatives, all dance instructors, judges, musicians, DJ’s, american cars club, our friends from SIQHA, partners, volunteers and of course all visitors from past years and those who waited to meet us for the first time on our next festival. In 2021 we are coming back. Bigger, bolder and better than in past years.

Many thanks and best regards.


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